One length, one swing,

better results.

Simplifying golf, one swing at a time.

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What is Single Swing?

An easier, more consistent way to golf.

Conventional golf today focuses heavily on technique and practice, which realistically weekend golfers do not have time for. How can golf be simple and fun with a reasonable method to practice and play golf? The answer lies within Single Swing; golfers can enjoy the game through the new single length iron concept. Single Swing golf clubs promote a simple and fun approach to play golf. Golfers will notice enhanced ball striking, consistency, comfort and confidence.

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How It Works

Don't get the Single Length concept? Here's the breakdown.

  • Uniform Specs

    Single Swing golf clubs follows a philosophy by having identical shaft lengths, lie angle, bounce, off-set and head weight. Single Swing engineers the club head so you continue to enjoy the benefit of varying lofts to manage your game.

  • Repeatable Swing

    Typical golf clubs have 1/2 inch increments between each club causing inconsistency for golfers . Single Swing’s uniform clubs create a repeatable swing allowing for muscle memory to develop, which naturally promotes precision and consistency making the game simple and fun.

  • Improved Performance

    Increased precision and consistency means better performance! Many golfers have shaved off multiple strokes on their game using single length clubs.

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