In the past year, single length irons have gained a lot of popularity and attention. The concept of single length irons is a new one. It was designed for golfers to improve their game. The concept is simple, you should have all your irons of the same length so that the swing weight and set up remain the same from one club to the next.

This concept makes it easier for average golfers to learn and practice the game using only one set up while working with whatever type of swing the golfer has, whether it is a single plane or 2 plane swing. Below we present 4 important tips for golfers to practice and improve their game using single length irons concept.

1. Similar Set-Up

With traditional length clubs; the feet, body, and position of the golfer are automatically affected because of the length of the club. When you use single length clubs, you have the same swing and set up. This leads to more confidence and consistency in your play.

2. Ball Position

The ball placement plays a very important role in traditional length clubs. This is the reason why during the entire round you spend time thinking about the position of the ball. But when you use single length clubs, you can eliminate another variable by placing the ball in the middle of your stance for all shots. Single length clubs provide golfers to think freely about their next shot and lets them focus all their attention on the swing.

3. Tempo: Let Your Club Do The Work

When you switch to single length clubs you may feel that you need to swing harder with the lower loft irons, such as, 4, 5, and 6 and swing harder with higher loft irons, such as, your 8, 9, and PW. It is important to remember that the heads of all the single length club are created with the special technology so that they provide the same feel and tempo for each swing while still providing appropriate distances for each club.

4. Play Your Game

Don’t occupy your mind with making major adjustments or putting in countless hours of hard work and practice. With single length clubs, you do not need any adjustment. Within the first couple of swings, you will see improvements as you gradually eliminate variance. The beauty of using same length irons is that you are always practicing. Playing and repetition are very important for a sound golf swing.

So there you have it! With these four “One Length, One Swing, Better Results” concepts, you can quickly improve your game. When you incorporate these tips in your game you will not only see major improvements in your game but you will also get the confidence to play well.

Author: Single Swing Golf

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