Do you want to become a professional golfer? The very first step to become a good golfer is to learn the rules of the game and eliminate the most common mistakes you make during the game.Golf is one of the most challenging sports, and there are infinite number of ways players can screw up on the golf course. But with careful deliberation, these mistakes can be avoided. If we stop to think and reflect on the mistakes we can certainly improve our chances of winning. Many golfers have dramatically improved their game when they eliminated the big mistakes that led to follow-on errors.


Here are 7 worst and probably the most common mistakes that amateur golfers make.

1. Not Warming Up Before The Swing

There is nothing that can ruin your swing faster than hitting it 300 yards off the first tee without getting enough warm up. Amateur golfers tend to think they are too cool to warm up before the swing but this is not true. Before the round, it is important to take smooth swings with each club, starting with wedges and slowly progressing to fairway metals and driver. Remember, the key to a relaxed and powerful swing are loose, limber and warm muscles.

2. Choosing the Wrong Clubs

Many amateur golfers believe that all clubs are the same. It is very important to choose a club that you are comfortable with. Getting fitted correctly with the right type of club will go a long way and help you eliminate many of your swing flaws without requiring additional effort from you.

3. Swinging Too Fast and Too Hard

Equipment manufacturers, since a very long time, have been putting a lot of focus on power and distance gains during their product marketing. Because, multiple surveys show that the number one thing golfers usually look for are more distance and power. But in an attempt to achieve their goals, most golfers tend to swing too hard and too fast.

A faster swing technically produces a longer shot, but then the ball must also be struck right in the middle of the clubface to product that kind of shot. Since average golfers do not have that skill to swing at tremendous speeds, it is wise to slow down and give the swing enough time to happen in proper sequence.This will bring consistency to your game and you will have cleaner shots and get a healthy distance as well.

4. Tight Grip

In order to swing too hard most golfers gripping the club too tightly. This is a very common error and one that must be avoided. The swing is basically an athletic motion and it requires a loose, smooth and flowing action for optimal results. Gripping the club too tightly can actually slow down the swing because when you hold it too tightly your muscles become stiff and ineffective.

5. Poor Alignment

Poor alignment is a another major contributor to bad shots. Most golfers line up their feet while aiming directly at the target. But in reality, the toes should be lined up perfectly parallel to the target line. This alignment must be continually maintained. Professional golfers work very hard at alignment and keep checking it regularly.

6. Poor Timing

Timing is a very critical element in a productive golf swing. Good timing allows the sequence of positions to unfold naturally. A well-timed swing moves slowly but steadily to the top of the backswing. But good timing is only created by lots of repetition, therefore, daily drills are very useful.

7. Inconsistent Ball Placement

If the position of your ball between your feet varies, it will constantly impact the position of the putter, causing different spin, loft and direction. To get a consistent roll on the ball, it needs to be struck with an ascending strike and that is possible only when the ball position is exactly the same every time.

If you can eliminate these 7 worst mistakes, you can improve your game and become a professional golfer faster than your peers.

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