Mission Statement

To become the premier provider of single length golf clubs so that the casual weekend golfer can improve their game while enjoying the sport by engineering top quality products that helps expand the game at an affordable price point.

The Clubs

What makes them so special?

Single Swing Golf Clubs feature technical specifications that support consistency and comfort throughout iron play, including oversized cavity back iron heads and moment of inertia (MOI) technology. In addition, these single length golf clubs are made of 431 stainless steel and incorporate a deep low center of gravity designed for distance, accuracy and eliminating heel shots. Overall golfers will experience pronounced game improvement.

The Science

It's all in the loft.

Today, standard golf equipment is designed with varying technical specifications, such as: lie angle, off set, weight, bounce, and length. Typical golf clubs have 1/2 inch increments between each club causing inconsistency for golfers. Single Swing golf clubs follows a philosophy by having identical shaft lengths, lie angle, bounce, off-set and head weight. Single Swing engineers the club head so you continue to enjoy the benefit of varying lofts to manage your game. Above all, this creates a repeatable swing allowing for muscle memory to develop which naturally promotes precision and consistency making the game simple and fun!

Club Specifications (For You Data Freaks)

What People Are Saying


  • Do single length clubs actually work?

    ​Absolutely, using single length equipment influences a repeatable swing for all iron play.

  • Who can use single length clubs?

    Thats the beauty, everyone! Even professionals like​​ Bryson Dechambeau are using single length golf clubs.

  • ​Do I need to change my golf swing?

    Not at all! Our single length concept influences a single plane swing, making it feel effortless.

  • Will I lose distance if my clubs are all the same length?

    ​Philosophically, distance comes from loft, center contact, and speed rate of the golf club, so you will likely see no impact on distance. Research shows that club length has minor influence on distance. Any distance reduction on a particular shot will be more than compensated by the consistency of the swing through an entire round.

  • How come major golf manufactures like Callaway, TaylorMade or Titleist are not producing Single Length golf clubs?

    The simple answer is because of money. These golf manufactures have invested unimaginable amounts of money marketing conventional golf clubs. If they decided to add single length golf clubs, then they would lose large amounts of profit from conventional clubs.

  • Can I just cut all my current irons the same length?

    If you cut your conventional set all the same length, swing weight problems will occur due to varying technical specifications. Cutting your conventional set will negatively impact your swing tempo, yardage gaps, and the feel of consistency. Single Swing takes care of theses issues for you by creating a set of golf clubs with identical technical specifications and swing weight so you can enjoy the benefit of single length clubs.

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