Single Length Golf Clubs have become a bit of phenomenon since Bryson deChambeau’s employment of them in his rise to professional golfing fame. They may seem off-putting to some; but here we offer 5 reasons why should give them a try.

single length golf clubs


1. You can develop greater consistency.

Single Length (as the name implies) means that all your clubs are the same length. This means that your stance, swing plane, posture and spine angle are the same for every single club. Your swings become much more uniform, and you allow consistent swing technique to develop. Consistency is key after all.

2. Break away from tradition.

Golf is a game saturated with tradition. Is it stubbornness or risk aversion? We’ll never know. Big golf manufacturing companies are too scared to mass produce sets of Single Length Clubs because they fear a reprisal from the status quo-loving golf community. Try something new- you might like it! There’s definitely room for change in this historic sport.

3. They’re not just for rookies.

It is a prejudiced misconception that Single Length Clubs are solely for amateur players. Seasoned players should be able to adapt to Single Length Clubs the same way they would adapt to any other club! The main differences between regular clubs and Single Length Clubs are iron HEAD designs, along with fitting differences in shafts, swingweight, total weight, lie, and grip style. Professionals can surely adapt to these changes like any old rookie can, right?

4. You’ll be supporting small brands.

Single Length Golf Clubs are seldom produced by the big-name golf companies; they’re deemed too risky of an investment. By buying Single Length Clubs- you’ll be supporting the work of small niche brands that have been making these clubs for several years. A few notable brands in the Single Length game include Wishon Golf, Valve Golf and 1 Iron Golf.

5. Bryson deChambeau.

Need we say more? Bryson deChambeau is the rock star of Single Length Clubs! In 2015, deChambeau became the fifth golfer in history to win both the U.S Amateur Championship and the NCAA Division I Championship. He then went on to compete

in the PGA professionally- all the while clutching his trusty 37.5 inch Single Length Golf Clubs. His endorsement of Single Length Clubs has bemused out-of-touch players and onlookers at golf courses across the land.

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